Although the task undertaken by the previous MEDFOREX program improved cooperation among research institutions and individual researchers interested in the topics at hand, there is still much room for the enlargement of the network (see Consortium) and for strengthening the links with other international organizations. One example is the Silva Mediterranea program of FAO. Another is the International Association for Mediterranean Forests (AIMF). Also, the partnership with the EU accessory countries from the Mediterranean area and beyond the European side of the basin will be stressed.

One of the main tasks within this objective will be to organize meetings and prepare reports for the potential end-users of the project results. The contacts with end-users established during the IMACFORD project will be used to disseminate results among policy makers, forest managers, environmental and social NGOs as well as other National and International bodies.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between FAO and CTFC in November 2006. The MoU aims at reinforcing the collaboration between both institutions.  Closer co-operation with FAO is expected to improve the dissemination of MEDFOREX results among policy makers and the Mediterranean forestry community in general.

Specific objectives are:
• To incorporate more countries in the MEDFOREX network
• To exchange scientists for training among MEDFOREX participants
• To strengthen the links with other International Organizations
• To establish a web-based database of values, references, and other relevant information
• To identify and use other tools for the dissemination of results


The MEDFOREX PC is coordinated by the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) (www.ctfc.es).

The consortium consists of forest research and training institutions from all around the Mediterranean basin. Such a consortium has the strength of being formed by scientists from countries in Europe, North-Africa and Middle-East.

Currently there are 57 partner institutions.

Forest and Pasture Research Institute (Petrit Zorba, aspetalb@yahoo.com and Hajri Haska, haskahajri@yahoo.com)

Association Awareness for Progress (Zhanetta Prifti, zhprifti@abissnet.com.al))

University of Forestry, Sofia* (Katinka Mihova, katinkam@ltu.acad.bg)


Forest Research Institute* (Dijana Vuleti?, dijanav@sumins.hr and Miroslav Benko, zupanicm@sumins.hr)

Department of Forests (Alex Christodoulou, management@fd.moa.gov.cy and Loizos Loizou, management@cytanet.com.cy)

University of Joensuu* (Timo Pukkala, timo.pukkala@forest.joensuu.fi)


INRA Nancy* (Jean-Luc Peyron, peyron@engref.fr)
INRA/Unité d’Économie et Sociologie rurales de Montpellier* (Jean Paul Chassany, chassany@ensam.inra.fr)

INRA Avignon* (François Lefevre, lefevre@avignon.inra.fr)


Demokritos University of Thrace (Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou, apapage@fmenr.duth.gr)
Technological Educational Institute of Kavala (Gregor Chatziphilippidis, gregor@fri.gr,  and Vassiliki Kazana, vkazana@philippos.teikav.edu.gr)

Aristotle University* – Laboratory of Rangeland Ecology (Vasilios Papanastasis, vpapan@for.auth.gr)

University of Haifa (Mordechai Shechter, shechter@econ.haifa.ac.il and Shirra Freeman, shirra@c-pl.com)

Universidad de Padova* (Paola Gatto, paola.gatto@unipd.it)
Universidad de Tuscia* (Lorenzo Venzi, lvenzi@unitus.it)

University of Catania (Giovanni Signorello, g.signorello@unict.it and María de Salvo, mdesalvo@unict.it)

Inst. Forest & Environmental Biology-CNR* (Giuseppe Scarascia, giuseppe.scarascia@ibaf.cnr.it)


Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences. The American University of Beirut (Elsa Satout, squirel@cyberia.net.lb)
Lebanese University (Mustapha Mroueh, mmroueh@ul.edu.lb)

Ministry of Environment (Nabil Assaf, n.assaf@moe.gov.lb)

Ministry of Agriculture (Fady R. Asmar, fadyasmar@tera.net.lb)


Ecole Nationale Foresti?re d’Ingénieurs (Omar Mihrit, omarmhirit@iam.net.ma)
Forest Service. Service des Eaux et For?ts (Mohamed Elatifi, mellatifi@hotmail.com)

Forest Research Centre (Mohamed Abourough, abourouhmohamed@hotmail.com)


Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra* (Fernando Páscoa, fpascoa@mail.esac.pt)
Technical University of Lisbon – Instituto Superior de Agronomia* (Jose Borges, joseborges@isa.utl.pt)
Portuguese Catholic University – Faculty of Economics and Management* (Americo Mendes, amendes@porto.ucp.pt)   
Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro* (Joâo Bento, j_bento@utad.pt and Lívia Madureira, lmadurei@utad.pt)


University of Suceava – Faculty of Forestry (Laura Bouriaud, bouriaud@yahoo.com)


Slovenia Forestry Institute* (Marko Kovac, marko.kovac@gozdis.si)


CREAF* (Jose Maria Espelta, josep.espelta@uab.es)
INIA-CIFOR* (Miren del Rio, delrio@inia.es)
Universidad de Valladolid* (Felipe Bravo, fbravo@pvs.uva.es)
Universidad Juan Carlos I (P. Martínez, pmartinez@escet.urjc.es)
Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Raul Brey Sánchez, rbresan@dee.upo.es)
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid* (Luis Díaz Balteiro, luis.diaz.balteiro@upm.es)

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Cristina Montiel, crismont@ghis.ucm.es)
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia* (Eduardo Rojas Briales, edrobr@prv.upv.es)
Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Joan Mogas, joan.mogas@urv.net)

Universitat de Lleida (Lluis Mª Pla, lmpla@matematica.udl.es and Rosario Fanlo, fanlo@pvcf.UdL.es)

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela* (Rosa Mosquera Losada, romos@lugo.usc.es)

University of Barcelona (Carles Gracia, cgracia@ub.edu)

Autonomous University of Barcelona (Pere Riera, pere.riera@uab.es)


University of Aleppo (Ghalia Martini, s-issa@scs-net.org)
Univeristy of Tishreen (Zuheir Shater, zshater@scs-net.org)


INRGREF (Hamed Daly Hassen, dalyhassen.hamed@iresa.agrinet.tn)

INAT (Jamila Tarhouni, tarhouni.jamila@inat.agrinet.tn)

Central Anatolia Forest Research Institute & State Planning Organization (Said Dagdas, saiddagdas@yahoo.com)
Fatih University (Alexi Danchev, adanchev@fatih.edu.tr)
Technical University of Karadeniz (Mustafa Turker, mft@ktu.edu.tr and Emin Zeki Baskent, baskent@ktu.edu.tr)


IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (Rami A. Salman, rami.salman@iucn.org)

EFI – European Forest Insitute (Andreas Schuck, Andreas.Schuck@efi.int)

FAO Forestry (José Antonio Prado, jantonio.prado@fao.org and Pieter Van Lierop, Pieter.vanlierop@fao.org)

IAMF – International Associations for Mediterranean Forests (Jean Bonnier, jean.bonnier@aifm.org)

Plan Blue (Luc Dasonville, ldassonville@planbleu.org, Gaelle Thivet and Mohamed Benembarek ¿?)

WWF (Xavier Escuté, xescute@atw-wwf.org)

* EFI member